An animation Crew I am in. Started by JackNicholson (a.k.a. JitanForcier) and formerly known as 'The MilanoCrew", The Random Society was masterminded by site admin Nick Lindeman after a series of mishaps left the domain unattainable. I've made quite a few animations for this lovely group of which I'm proud to be a member. All hosted on


 EPICDOTSWF - A brief history of the transformation of the MilanoCrew into The Random Society.
related; epicdotswf easter egg my cover of the milanocrew theme song

Milanotoon SPX - special edition RED.M milanotoon produced for Milanoday 2005

omg its milanoday - A quick short for Milanoday 2006

iLLegal hahahah get it??! - A flash response to a cartoon created by iLLwiLLpress (of foamy the squirrel fame) that was so utterly horrible it has since been removed from the newgrounds portal.

Liek what. - Although not officially a milanotoon, this was the flash that earned me an invitation from JackNicholson to join up with them in the first place.


 Trimcoast - animated by me and fellow Milanocrew member Messiah in under 24 hours. B)

 MONGOOSEcollab - self explanatory.

 Milano Day Sketchenads - Sketches and Ads.

 MDay : The Emo Collab - ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


 Milanotoon 006 - From humble beginings.

 Milanotoon 007 - inherit teh earth

 Milanotoon 018 - oh no wait it's tubes not toons I just now realized that wow

 Milanotoon 029 - this summer

 Milanotoon 032 - lazor beam pizza party

 Milanotoon 033 - uh


Early in my mcrew career, I joined a few subgroups. Before creating thenewBEATNIKS, I teamed up with member TomMayCry to form the iPyrates. I was going to do a series feat. all members of the iPyrates but only managed to make 3 episodes that I never ended up releasing. Enjoy.