sp00ky 1:02:11 Click the above image to download

Track 1. RED.M-"creeper" 2:33
Track 2. RED.M-"Shockyoursoul;spookyscaryremix" 1:49
Track 3. ISBN-"Broken Sound" 5:08
Track 4. RED.M-"ed2" 2:43
Track 5. SPADED-"necronomicon" 2:22
Track 6. Leigh Mcgrath-"Belt Winner" 1:52
Track 7. Disjoint Roofrack-"Nyhett" 1:28
Track 8. RED.M-"alienz" 0:50
Track 9. SPADED-"dakfuri" 0:27
Track 10. Armon Pakdel-"Halloween Fright!!!" 1:22
Track 11. SPADED-"lunaprotectme" 0:10
Track 12. RED.M-"shalli" 2:41
Track 13. SPADED-"takeover" 1:27
Track 14. Disjoint Roofrack-"1 Minute14 (Furious Battle!!)" 1:16
Track 15. mentally-detached-"Muhnek" 2:25
Track 16. RED.M-"dotd" 1:53
Track 17. SPADED-"Mafia choir" 6:46
Track 18. Disjoint Roofrack-"This Time, 53 Seconds (Fun Laughter Song!!)" 0:53
Track 19. The Juke Bottle Casino-"King Family" 8:36
Track 20. Nyhetsvarsel-"Phobophile (Cryptopsy Cover)" 1:24
Track 21. ZekeySpaceyLizard-"Shattered Prokofiev" 1:40
Track 22. RED.M-"knifek" 1:24
Track 23. RED.M-"nosfera2" 0:58
Track 24. The Juke Bottle Casino-"Gone Guy" 2:51
Track 25. RED.M-"frankenweenie" 0:58
Track 26. Farther Snake-"The Spook of Haunt Mansion" 3:57
Track 27. RED.M-"roflIdunno" 2:21
Track 28. SPADED-"Slaughtered Lamb Pub" 3:06
Track 29. kwwrr-"can you walk" 5:24
Track 30. SPADED-"beadhammer" 3:35
 Definately my most ambitious audio project, Sp00ky (thats with two zero's) was a nightmare to create and remains a nightmare to reflect upon. At the begining of September in 2007, some bird on my shoulder (I can only assume it was Satan himself) gave me the idea to organize an enormous collaborative halloween themed web album. I was pretty excited about it because halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and I thought it would be a lot of fun bring in other artists I made words with, imagining that they would be as enthusiastic as me.

Then my laptop got stolen.

I had given myself a huge responsibility to produce this giant monster and was left with no way to do it. In a fevered panic I racked my brain trying to think of a plan and whilst organizing my thought, downloaded a trial version of fruityloops (graciously using a friends computer) and produced a remix of an old favorite by Andrew Gold called "Spooky Scary Skeletons." This would be the only worthwhile track for the album I produced.

For the rest of them, I dug up a few of the many archaic discs filled with my much older mixes (we're talking pre new millenia old here) and layed samples from my favorite horror movies over top of them. I also recieved permission from Scotty to include a few songs the two of us had recorded for our band SPADED, begged those that had agreed to participate to include any songs they thought would fit the theme and the result is an awful over an hour long slapped together abomination. Admittedly, things didn't go the way I had planned but to be honest I am very pleased with the end result. It makes me feel a bit like Dr. Frankenstien, creating a monster expecting to be warmed with triumphant satisfaction only to be left writhing in agony over realizing what I have unleashed unto the world. Also, I've always believed that Halloween is a time to be scared out of your mind of everything around you, and just thinking about this album, the things I went through to put it together and the situations that were taking place elsewhere in my life horrify me to think about. Out of my 21 years on earth 2007 definately had to have been the worst one of my entire life.

But it wasn't all bad. My good chum Nathan Malone (a.k.a. ZekeySpaceyLizard) made a delightful music video for my andrew gold remix, won third place in the Newgrounds.com annual halloween contest and with the resulting prize money bought himself a drawing tablet and also designed for me a killer tshirt feat. imagery from his smash hit cartoon. The success of his vid also ended with me having THE #1 HIGHEST RATED SONG ON THE NEWGROUNDS AUDIO PORTAL for a brief time as well as a good feeling of accomplishment knowing that I had achieved a goal that at one point during my struggle to reach had thought to be impossible.

However, heed my warning... some realms were not meant for mortal man to dwell... and listen ...

~~~~~~~~~~if you dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~